Project Update #2 -Go!

I’d like to elaborate a little bit on the question of how to identify community. I actually wrote my Senior Thesis on the topic. I think what makes it a particularly interesting topic is how pervasive the idea is throughout so many academic disciplines. Moreover, each of these fields cannot seem to settle on a satisfactory definition. As it turns out, many scientific methods seem to be at a loss. In my opinion, it seems as though ethnographic methods are the best way to identify¬† community. But the product of an ethnography is as varied and subjective as art itself. As in, they communicate the idea of community but lack the formal structure needed for reproduction. Nevertheless, with the overwhelming accumulation of data and the rise of technology, perhaps we will eventually find formal methods that capture the essence of “community”.

I’ve made some more progress on the experiment. We have a homepage and mappage but the actual chat aspect is the current task. Next I’d like to touch up the design and make sure that it looks good on mobile. Finally I’ll add tests, documentation and put it on github. The closer I get to the end of this project, the more I realize that I need to get past perfectionism and just “ship it”.

I’d like to make a note that Pokemon Go was released recently and it’s got everyone thinking about location based apps. Would be a brilliant time to publish the site and promote it. Might be pulling an all nighter in the next few days. However it’s also brought up the troubles that go along with these kinds of apps, however it’s worth noting that the technological “friction” will eventually be overcome.

Time to get to work. Peace.


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