Map Update #1

So earlier this week I found some time to work on my large map. I’ve documented some of the process so far, but haven’t posted anything yet. The picture above kind of summarizes what I’ve down so far – the northern portion of the map, and a tiny bit of coloring. I think the end goal is to do full color.



So the most recent additions are around the middle kingdoms. This is Northshire, a medium sized village and nearby docks. Northshire is relatively peaceful, with the occasional raid from the sand people or the forest people. The terrain is mostly flat with tall grasses in large swaths.


South Northshire

Between Northshire and the large city there is a small forest with the hamlet of Medford and the lumber yard of Mekmil. Also of note is Top Hill, an unusually tall hill near the edge of the forest.


The (Unnamed) City

This city is very likely to be the largest settlement on this map. It is the home of the middle kingdoms and a very lively and relatively clean place. I think it will expand downwards a little before being closed in, and there is likely to be suburbs around it. One can also see that the roads lead around it for those who wish to dodge interactions with the law.


The Middle Kingdoms

This area of the map is still quite undeveloped. There will be a large mountain range in the center bottom and more small towns closer to the coast.

I am thinking of experimenting with some perspective in this map. It seems like having things closer to the bottom seem larger gives a cool effect that might be worth exploring. Otherwise I am still very happy with this map. Until next time!

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